Lab members


Steve Canty is starting a PhD on the genetics of mangroves and the delivery of ecosystem services in the Caribbean. He is jointly supervised by Prof. Richard Preziosi. The project is a collaboration with Dr. Stephen Box at the Smithsonian Marine Station, Florida.

Graeme Fox is doing a PhD part time on the development of next generation sequencing techniques for conservation. For his day job, he works at the University of Manchester DNA sequencing centre. He is jointly supervised by Prof. Richard Preziosi.

Oliver Hughes is doing a PhD on improving orchid culture techniques for horticulture and conservation. He is jointly supervised by Prof. Richard Preziosi.

Daniel Lopez is starting an MPhil on the assessment of biodiversity in the tropical rain forest in Ecuador. He is jointly supervised by Prof. Richard Preziosi and Dr. Jaime Chaves at Universidad San Francisco de Quito.

Dr. Latha Raly Vellaniparambil is a visiting scientist and is working on the population genetics of Rhinanthus minor. 


Lavanya Arora did his MSc project in my lab in 2013/14 on the interaction between the parasitic plant Rhinanthus minor and its hosts.

Hayley Craig did her MSc project in my lab in 2012/13 on the diversity and productivity of grasslands. She then worked as a technician on a soil metagenomics project and is now a technician with Prof. Terry Brown.

Richard Sands did an MPhil in 2012/13 on the genetics of plant-pollinator interactions on red clover. He is currently studying for a PhD at The University of Southampton and Forest Research.

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